Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Princess Seaming

I realized after my last post that not everyone is going to know what princess seaming is. The technique is fairly simple.

With wrong sides facing, so you're sewing on the right side (what will show when you're done), sew your seam with a narrow margin, usually around 1/8". Fold the fabric back so that the right sides are together and then iron the seam flat (it makes the next part sooo much easier!). Sew another seam that hides the raw edges, usually wth a 1/4" margin.

New Crafts Bag!


John and I picked up a new sewing machine because it cost less than taking my aged clunker in for a service call. Inspired by some cute project bags I've seen (and bought) in my LYS, I decided to try out the "Princess Seaming" technique that my most awesomest quilter friend told me about when I was thinking I could sew my own wedding dress. The result is pictured below.

What the princess seam looks like from the inside.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Hooked on a new case

A very charming authoress, Lorna Miser was in the Got Your Goat Yarn Studio this last Thursday for their February knit along. On seeing my purple-loving-ness, she mentioned the Purple Show Down she’d had during her recent travels, and later when spotting my needle bag (I was starting the project that evening and hadn’t had time to sort out needles before), she shared her purple travel needle case (it’s in the photo on her blog, linked above).

Well, I’ve been getting tired of my crochet hooks all floating in the bottom of my notions bag, so I took inspiration from her case, and my general despite of sewing, to make myself a lined hook case.


The fabric came from remnants of other sewing projects. John and I spent a lot of time hopping between stores trying to find the right eyelets (he called them grommets, and I’m not sure what the difference should be). I have a bias tape tool and lots of stitch witchery, and (after the trip) a pound-on-it paper/cloth/leather punch and a new hand-held Singer (so worth the US$20 even if it only has the power to go through two layers of fabric). Also a headache from pounding on the punch and the eyelet setter.

All told, worth it!