Year: 2013

Look Up

I added two new pages to the site. Patterns is a page with short cuts to the crafting patterns I’ve so far put together. Listening Guide is pretty much what I put on my ears when I want to fill my hands with yarny goodness. At the moment, it’s mostly links to stuff I like,

Goblin Hat, first iteration

Ever wonder what the design process is for a pattern? Me, too. It turns out that sometimes, it’s as simple as a friend asking, “Can you make me a goblin hat?” Any why a goblin hat? Because of Paizo, the publishing company that pretty much revitalized Dungeons & Dragons for him. And his uber cute,

Rice Pot

Back when I got my first microwave rice cooker I would fill up the office I worked at with the smells of this basic dish at least once a week. It’s a cheap standby, easy to improvise around, easy to prepare and clean up.

Food for Thought

I just finished a nutrition course (back in college and fulfills a grad requirement). Fun stuff I took away from the course: