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last update: 2013 Dec 9


This section isn't as flushed out as it might otherwise be. Why? Because I'm back in school and I don't have as much time to listen to my favorite casts, let alone try out new ones




Audible Book Reviews

We shall start with just listing the books I think are worth taking a listen to. As I get time, I will actually write up why they made the list.

Fiction for the Under 13 Crowd

Good stories, maybe a little simple in the writing style for an adult, but still fun listens.

Fiction OK for the Under 18 Crowd

Essentially, this section is for the books that I wouldn't have a problem listening to with or in front of minor children. There may be some slight swearing, some touches on sensitive topics, but the heros and heroines tend to be non controversial with regards to mainstream American standards of behavior.

Adult Fiction

No, this ain't the erotica stuff, but the language may get offensive more than just occassionally, the main characters may be of questionable moral character, and the situations may be graphic and/or distrubing. In short, nothing I would listen to with a minor child.

Non Fiction

Pretty much, this is where I'm listing the informative works that I found worth listening to. Parents, assume that controversial information will be included in this section.


This is the erotica stuff. It is what one author in Playboy Magazine cheerfully dubbed "Mommy Porn". I will try to include warnings about potential triggers, or discomfort points, but assume everything listed below has graphic sexual depictions.

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