Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Normally, I’m less than a fan of Brussels sprouts, but then I found the wonder of butter caramelized sprouts and, well, hooked I am.  At the simplest, just saute your sprouts in butter until tender, with a light golden brown crunch on the bottoms. Or we can get a little fancy.

Follow up to Caramels (cleans up with hot water)

I updated the recipe from the first post. Now here’s what I learned: I either needed less cream or more cooking time to reduce the liquid content. This will be the subject of many more sweet experiments. Clean up was a lot easier than I expected.

Making Caramel Candies

Today I have made my first attempt at making caramel candies. On the bright side, I’m pretty sure that I got caramel sauce at least. I’m waiting, as I write this, to see how firm a candy I get. 🙂 So, quick off the top, the recipe I’m using, and then I’ll tell you how

My For-evah Project

I’m terrible at checking in to social media sites. My friends know not to invite me to events they actually want me at through FaceBook and the like, and that terrible check-in habit extends to Ravelry. No wonder I had a few projects to update when I logged in today, but what surprised me was

Faux Scones

Over the holidays, my Oregonian family had a discussion about the deploring lack of good commercial scones. The general consensus was that Starbucks was the only place most of the family could find scones, and the quality of the Portland area Starbucks pastries were, um, less than satisfactory. My own experience at the Fairview Starbucks

Simple Dessert Glaze

I realize this is a fairly basic and standard recipe, but since I like to use it in place of frostings fairly often, consider this a formality posting. 🙂