Silk Hankies!

So what in the heavens is so exciting about a silk hankie? Being rich enough to blow your nose with one?

Okay, yeah, that would be exciting, but the hankies that I’ve recently discovered are not the kind that go in a man’s breast pocket. They are the kind that end up on a spindle!

(In honor of my new spinning adventure, I finally made time to knit up a drop spindle distaff. This knitting project was inspired by Crystal Calhoun’s Fiber Helper/Wrist Distaff project and knit up in under 2 hours.)

But back to the silk! John and I dropped into Got Your Goat Yarn Studio in Roseville and while chatting with the owner (er, honestly, poking at her to start carrying spinning gear) she pointed out that the funky knitted thing was made from an unspun silk hanky and pointed to the basket of them right by my elbow. I immediately became entranced with something new to spin, bought a stack and let John usher me off to dinner.

Once we got home, I Googled to my heart’s content the ways and wherefores of spinning silk hankies. In fact, it was so easy, that I made a video “how to spin silk hankies” which will be my maiden post to YouTube as soon as I figure out how to upload it.