Simple Dessert Glaze

I realize this is a fairly basic and standard recipe, but since I like to use it in place of frostings fairly often, consider this a formality posting. πŸ™‚
Makes enough to cover one 9 inch cake.



  • 1c powdered sugar
  • 2 tbsp water
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract (optional)


Sift the powdered sugar into the mixing bowl (for those not used to working with powdered sugar, yes, it should start out looking chunky, but bouncing it enough with the strainer will break it up into powder).
Whisk in the liquid, and stir until smooth. Add small amounts of water (by the drop) to achieve desired liquidity of the glaze.
Pour or spread over dessert.

Notes & Variations

Powdered sugar glazes will dry hard, and will dry faster the less water you use. They also take food coloring very well – less is best to start with.
If you are looking for a lemon glaze, swap out lemon extract, or 1tbsp lemon juice, for the vanilla extract, and, optionally, add approx. 1tbsp grated lemon rind to the mix. If using the lemon juice, use only 1tbsp of water.
You can add spices to your glaze – and they will affect the color. The stronger the spice, the less you should use at first (like 1/8tsp) – this is one of those dishes where you can always add more, but can’t take out too much.