Follow up to Caramels (cleans up with hot water)

I updated the recipe from the first post. Now here’s what I learned:

  • I either needed less cream or more cooking time to reduce the liquid content. This will be the subject of many more sweet experiments.
  • Clean up was a lot easier than I expected.

I have Kitchen Craft cookware, and I love it. I was reminded of that again when it came time to clean up, because despite having cooked some sugar on to the bottom of the pan, I didn’t have to break out a chisel to get it off.

After pouring off the caramel mixture, I added about two quarts of hot water to the sauce pan, let it boil, and gently scrapped the bottom with the spoon I had used to stir the sauce. I’m pretty sure I didn’t have to have fancy pans for that to work, but considering my Kitchen Crafts replaced so called “non stick” pans, it made me happy to have made the switch.

I once had the non stick coating boil off a pan of mine when I made the mistake of adding cool water, and, yeah, good-bye pan. For those who missed the memo, what’s under the non stick coating is toxic, and when the coating gets scratched up or breached, the toxins leech into your food.

I’ve done the same thing – used cold water to dissolve cooked on foods – with my Kitchen Craft, and all I had to worry about was the gush of steam.

And, no, this is not a paid endorsement. 🙂