How to Use a Niddy Noddy

I added a new YouTube video.

The notes on YouTube are:

Demonstration with voice-over on how to use a niddy noddy.

I have a hard time finding the words to describe how to use the niddy noddy, so I think this video will be more useful to watch than necessary to listen to.

The niddy noddy in the video was purchased from about three years ago. It is a travel size, sometimes called a sample size, niddy noddy, which means each loop is about one (1) yard long.

A standard sized niddy noddy will range from 1-1/2 to 2 yards for the loop length of the finished skein.

Not shown in the video, it’s also advisable to tie your skein while it’s still on the niddy noddy. I like to use cotton yarn, the kind used for making up dishcloths, and tie the yarn in at least two places. This way you have an easier time keeping the skein in order when you go to wind it into a ball.